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Incredible views and history

The last day in Gibraltar went with a 9 hours walk on the Rock. It wasn't even enough to see everything. I missed St. Michael's cave. Sadly it closed early on the Sunday. An English couple told me that I must come back when there is a concert because it has beautiful acoustics. #whatgoesupmustcomedown #fromeveryside #viewfromeverywhere #gibraltar #intherock #cavepub #gibtherock #planb #graffiti #onthepath

By the Castle

São Jorge Castle (Castelo de São Jorge) is one of Lisbon’s most emblematic landmarks. The silhouette of the Castle stands out both by day and when illuminated at night, located on the summit of São Jorge hill, the highest in Lisbon. The hillside also houses two of the city’s neighbourhoods called Alfama and Castelo. "Here's my complete guide to visiting Castelo de São Jorge, St. George's Castle, in Lisbon. A truthful guide. St. George's Castle is Lisbon's most recognizable la


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