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See you Soon

Leaving Lagos for a week. Not too far just to Albufeira. #lagos #portugal

Yesterday Walk PraiadaLuz

This beach is situated in a very cosmopolitan summer holiday resort that used to be a major fishing town, especially from the 13th to the 16th century. The seafront promenade with its Portuguese crazy paving offers sunny open-air cafés and restaurants and lots of entertainment during the summer. To the west, the promenade lined by large palm trees goes right up to the walls of the fortress that was originally built to protect Luz Church from North-African pirate attacks. http

Learning more about the Trails

Hello, Emi here. I hope you are all well. Get Ready for the New Moon with Your Intentions. There are so many beaches in Lagos. I had to edit a few times to correct the names. I'm working on my phone again so sometimes I make mistakes. I apologise for that. Let's do it right this time. 😂 Access to the beach is along a pedestrian trail that runs along the cliff top, where the rich undergrowth of the Algarve’s Barrocal is gradually taking over what used to be fig orchards. The


Here we were hiding from the rain. The Tiger cat and I. Surrounded by tall cliffs, the charming Porto de Mós Beach rolls out like a long tongue of golden sand reaching down to the calm sea with its waters in ever changing tones of blues and greens. Walking westwards along the cliff takes you to the Atalaia viewing point from where it is possible to enjoy views out over both the Algarve coastline towards Sagres and the splendid landscape created by the town of Luz. The level


Together waiting for the rain to stop. #catboddy #lagos #portugal

Nature Therapy

#afterrain #lagos #portugal Happiness is when I am one with nature -Until someone jumped me 🙄 always walk with a stick!

Come Back Sunshine

Hello, Emi here. I hope you are all well. Rainy days are very good to do a little thinking. What to do next? My friends didn't get through to Spain today. Looks like travelling is on hold for a while. #lagos #portugal

Have a safe Journey

- my friends The Praia dos Estudantes beach offers a small sandy area nestled among rocky formations that extend into the sea and allow for a quiet water perfect for swimming! This beach in Lagos, Algarve, is surrounded by cliffs, in which two tunnels have been excavated: one to the west, giving access to a tiny beach. There you can see a beautiful manmade arch to link one of the rocks with the mainland. The other tunnel links Praia dos Estudiantes with Praia da Batata beach.

The Beach

Praia do Canavial sits just to the west of Lagos' famous Ponta de Piedade. This is the other side to all the much-photographed and well known coves with their iconic rock formations and calm, crystal clear waters. Canavial is a very different beach to its neighbours to the east; whilst it shares the same sandstone cliffs the similarities end there. You won't find any rock arches and stacks, just tall yellow cliffs. And this is quite a long beach as opposed to the tiny coves o

Cliff Walk

Hello, Emi here. I hope you are all well. As You probably all know. Lagos is a town in southern Portugal's Algarve region. It’s known for its walled old town, cliffs and Atlantic beaches. Steep wooden steps lead to the sandy cove of Praia do Camilo. The nearby cliffs of Ponta de Piedade offer sweeping headland views and a lighthouse. Igreja de Santo António, an ornate 18th-century. #lagos #portugal


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