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"If the plan doesn't work, change the plan but never the goal."

Hello, Emi here. I hope you are all well. #Gansbach #peacock #feather #harvest #organic #fruit #veg #lower #Austria #Danube #Durnstein #Durnstein #vineyards Today my plan was cancelled by covid restrictions. Yesterday I booked my ticket to Athens. I then at the airport was informed that I need a form to enter Greece. I said sure no problem they said yes there is a problem because I should already apply for this 24 hours ago;(. I have so much question about the way things are


Hello, Emi here. I hope you are all well. Just an update from my first host family in Austria. I am less then an hour away from Vienna the village called Ladendorf with only about 2300 population. I arrived on Saturday almost a week ago. This is the tierschule animal school. Manon and Markus lives in a big house with 2 dogs and 19 birds. Manon is a trainer for dogs and birds. But mainly working with birds as there are more trainers for dogs. More unique less competition. The


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