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About Microdosing

Hello, Emi here. I hope you are all well.

Finally in December I could try microdosing which I read about a few articles before.

I ordered 12g of truffle from Holland and there I started. Very small dose at the beginning. I never knew some things can change the experience. For example if you had breakfast or swallowed it or chewed it. I followed the Fadimen protocol for about a month.

One g was a good amount for me. If I wanted a trippy meditation in the morning I had 2g. These days I finished the meditation an hour later.

Overall I had a very good experience. I found it amazing with meditation. I tend to have more ideas and I got more connected to nature. It simply pulled me out from my sadness. I only can recommend it to everyone. Of course consult with your doctor first. There are a lots of educational sites in the Internet as well.

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