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Since things didn't go how I planned with getting a job and stay here until the summer I will start my travel. One step closer to India. I found a Hindu Temple and Ashram in Almeria.

I'm getting ready to leave La Linea. This week is my last with the dogs. I will miss them huge. I didn't realise how much I love our friends. Unconditional love melting my heart. They trust me they follow anywhere. Every time I've got very sad when one of my dogs left us to their new life. I was also very happy thinking that there is hope. Their life will change for the better. I have a feeling these days more and more seems to be proven that the universe has a plan for everyone. Today a women came in to walk with me she happened to have some time and tought she will help at the charity.

Mounty this cute pointer was saved by the Rescue. Her mother was poisoned. Later when Mounty had puppies they were taken away from her. She took them back and people didn't like that so they wanted to kill her too. When I saw her in January for the first time she was totally shot down. She would just sit in the corner all day without moving head down. Ann showed her to me and from the next day I went to sit with her all the time when I visited the place. Day by day she got better. Today I am so happy for her now after a few weeks she started to trust again. She greets in the morning and takes the food from my hand. Finally she started to ineract with the others in the kennel. Soon she will be going to an animal sanctuary where she can run free with the other dogs and get to know more people and animals before moving to her adopting family.

I had some idea to help the charity to have a little more exercise and time outside for the doggies. Unfortunatly this Rescue struggles with the basics for one to stay at that land. Not even sure what happens in the future. That means it is very hard to do anything new. So I just did what I could this time. At least a few friends had some fun walking and playing at the beach with me. Luckily some people working extramly hard to find them a good home. Although sometimes takes Months or even a Year. I wish more people get dogs from Rescue than than from breeders. In fact I would not let anyone to breed dogs until all the abandoned are in a good home.

I learned a lot online from Victoria Stilwell the best trainer in the world. I really enjoyed her teachings it makes a lots of sence the positive training.

My phone gave up working so I took a few photos with my old camera. Finally I got the phone I was looking for with the Leica camera. I bought it second hand hopefully it will not disappoint me.

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