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And then one more day

One of my heaviest item was a shell which I changed to a lighter one before I started my walk to my next destination.

"The scallop shell is the most well-known and iconic symbol associated with the Camino de Santiago. It is closely related to the history of the Jacobean route. It appears reflected on the Codex Calixtinus, as the clergy used to give it to pilgrims on their arrival at Santiago de Compostela city as accreditation for completing their pilgrimage."

I've got lost twice. First I hardly could find the way out of Sao Pedro de Rates. Second time after having a coffee with Thomas I run to my way so we could have a little distance between us. Deep in my thoughts I was stopped by a small white car. There was a girl her mum and grandfather. The girl asked me where was I going. I said to Santiago. They told me I am on the wrong road I should go back and take another path. I said no I'm on the right one I saw the yellow arrow. They told me I had to follow the blue signs. That was a little bit of a confusion. Anyway they walked me back and showed me the mark I missed. It was not one but two yellow arrow one with a blue background . I could not believe I missed them. I was very grateful and happy that the family helped me and finally I agreed to follow them. Lesson number one. I couldn't stop laughing about being so silly.

I took lunch at Pedra Furada which was in my book with a photo. Antonio's place was lovely just like a museum. He was very nice and gave me some information about Barcelos.

I found the Pilgrim hostel open actually at the day I was the only guest so a lady opened it for me. Later another Swiss guy came but he couldn't stay because he didn't have a sleeping bag. Walter walked over 30kms from Porto in one day. I was amazed when I heard it.

By the time I've got to Barcelos (16.3km) my feet were killing me. I decided that the next day I have to check for new shoes.

I was wondering around in town when I ran into Thomas. We had a soup before leaving to rest for the day.

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