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Hello Emi here. I hope you are all well.

"Everything is changing nothing here for too long."Paloma Faith

I was thinking about my experience with helpx. Everything has a good side and a not so good. It is interesting to get to be a part of a family for a while. Sometimes it's overwhelming as I like my free time. For wondering around do meditation and yoga.

But in the other hand I can see places with the local's eyes. I decided that I will specifically look for my area a Holistic retreat or Yoga Centre. There are not too many operating because of covid. So I will travel on my own until the middle of September. After that I will go back to Budapest to create a base place with my friend to stay at in case of lockdown. From the first already closing down the German and Hungarian borders.

My 2nd place was beautiful again a wine region in Gansbach.

At the Danube in lower Austria. I learned a lot about herbs from Claudia. We have the same alternative therapy interest. We did a lot's of fruit and herbs harvesting. We made tomato sauce and pesto. I've got to taste delicious wines. There was a special tasty cold food plate with it similar to Hungarian dishes. Also visited the famous Durnstein photos are coming.

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