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Flowers from the garden and the chickens

Hello, Emi here with some photos

A poultice from the base or pounded roots of the plant was used to treat burns and hemorrhoids. The leaves and roots were used to treat sore throats, hemorrhages, gonorrhea, and cholera. Like many other tannin-containing substances, Native Americans also used Wild Geranium as an anti-diarrhea treatment.

People take wild daisy tea for coughs, bronchitis, disorders of the liver and kidneys, and swelling (inflammation). They also use it as a drying agent (astringent) and as a "blood purifier." Some people take homeopathic wild daisy for preventing problems during childbirth, pain and soreness, and minor bleeding.

Chicken-nurtured soil produces less runoff and supports healthy water systems. Since they help replace damaging pesticides and herbicides,chickens welcome the company of bees, birds, and bats that bolster balance and diversity in the surrounding landscape

Yesterday we fed the foxes before they eat the chickens..

It's funny I am actually faster editing photos with the phone than with the laptop. I am going to check my colors on the phone now:) These pictures were taken two days ago. Today is raining all day. It gives me time to read, write and meditate...

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