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Hello, Emi here did you miss me?

I bet you thought I've got tired of writing. I had to make a decision a day ago. I got to the point where I felt more miserable than happy. I had to ask the question is this mine or someone else's? It's definitely not mine..

The work was too hard and the weather too bad. It was just a fight for me. I learned that I will change my search for the future. I am now looking for yoga retreats and similar jobs. Gardening outdoor in Ireland is not for me. And also I am not going to take heavy lifting jobs.

I remember what else Tanya said "Take it nice and slow. One step at a time, hour by hour literally!" She knows, one more thing she said that may come up next time:)

Today I had a beautiful day in Galway. I will stay here for about 5 days and go to Sligo a few days before my workshop. A little holiday. Two of my friends are also coming tomorrow yay!

So just a quick update and I have a lot's of photos I can't keep up with editing them;0

I have this one from a few days ago..

I will work on some new ones tonight.

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