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Garden work

Hello, This is Emi here with the Garden adventures.

What's wrong with me always with using so much purple?!:) This is kind of like an opal gemstone.

I like this photos What do you think?

I've decided, that I will save some cool photos here which I won't be publishing on instagram or Facebook. How Dorina told me this website is mine:)

Don't be shy to subscribe I'm not selling anything yet:)) Just sharing my story.

I've got the domain the site is up and running from yesterday.

I was going to write a little bit about what we are doing in the garden. When I get to the part to write it is always getting late. Well just from the top of my head today. A little bit of weeding not smoking:) And then I made two new beds for the plants. Sorted some compost and covered the old chicken run with sandy soil. We might put some herbs there. I am not sure if these sounds very exciting. Or clear I don't have the proper words for it:))) I guess it is different when you actually doing it. Anyways I try to explain..

It is all new to me but I am a fast learner. Not to bad to work outdoor when it's dry. The best thing about it that at the end you actually feel that you built something. The second dry day yay! Let's see tomorrow....

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