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Getting Ready

Hello, This is Emi's adventure here,

I thought it will be easy to get rid of my Possessions. Sell some and find new places for others.-It wasn't. I started it 4 weeks ago and barely finished it now. There is already one new thing in my life. I changed my computer to a laptop this is my first laptop I ever owned. Lenovo Yoga :) Matching with my interest.

Well I was happy how everything went until I've got a phone call two days ago one day before my big trip started. My host called that the roof is leaking in my room so I can't stay there at the moment. My heart started to race. I gave up my room and I need to find another place for tomorrow. I had a backup place where I can arrive on Thursday. But really this is not the place I want to explore. Although this is a beautiful place in Co.Kerry on the south an accommodation business. The one had cancelled was an organic farm. I still kept going I sent out 20 messages to hosts when my page reached the limit. I only could try next day again. I had to wait.

And yesterday I felt I'm falling in the song Ironic. I took my clothes to the clothes bank and in the next hour I saw the cash for clothes sign. My new suitcase handle broke down..The things couldn't fit in my bags. Is this ever going to stop? Let's look at the bright side it wasn't raining I could relocate to my friends house smoothly.

At the moment I have 3 projects Co Kerry, Co Mayo or Northern Ireland.

Lets edit some older photos I missed it yesterday due to a busy day.

Current mood is related to this sentence I really like from Tanya a therapist I recently 'met'. It goes like this 'Giving up security and the IDEA of a future is the hardest step'. I understand what she meant by it and love the detail with the capital letters:). Everything is just an IDEA in every possible sense I couldn't agree more.

Until my first photo from the trip enjoy one from my instagram archive.

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