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Good Morning full moon

Hello Emi here. I hope you are all well.

Our Beautiful, Wet Blue Moon in the News

Halloween will be the first blue moon visible in every time zone since 1944. Might be good to charge those crystals!

The moon remains, perpetually and since antiquity, a source of cultural wonder. Last week, when NASA announced that it would reveal “an exciting new discovery” about the moon in a matter of days, the internet, thirsty for distraction, went wild speculating about it. (It happened to be exciting news for space scientists — water and ice on the moon are more accessible than previously thought — but not the supernatural or extra-terrestrial news many yearned for.)

Moon updates have been plentiful this year. In August, scientists reported they had flashed a laser onto a NASA spacecraft that was gliding over the moon’s surface at thousands of miles per hour in order to measure distance between our moon and planet. (It worked.) In February, two astronomers discovered a mini-moon orbiting Earth.

Then there was the confusing time, in July, when some self-identified witches on Tik-Tok claimed to have hexed the moon — leading to frustration on the part of more established self-identified witches, who chastised the “fresh baby witches” for disrespect and hurting the “gods that rule the moon,” according to one very popular Twitter thread. (Let’s not even bring up the way witches and astrology lovers responded online to the news that President Trump tested positive for the coronavirus during a full moon on Oct. 2.)

Now, the moon has another significant moment in store for witches and non-witches alike: On Oct. 31 — that’s Halloween to you — humans in all time zones will be treated to a blue hunter’s moon. A blue moon occurs on the rare occasion when there is more than one full moon during a month. (It doesn’t actually look blue.)

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