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Hello Portugal- in advance

Hello, Emi here. I hope you are all well.

I started my trip to Lisbon this Morning at 6 am. A guy offered me a lift to the airport. I met him in the hostel during my stay. I was thinking, what if he kidnap me no one would know what happened. But luckily he was nice.

Surprisingly I could take my water through security. But I had to buy surgical mask at the airport. Air Malta doesn't take passengers with other type of masks. I thought that is unnecessary. I think this is another way of taking an advantage of fellow humans.

I'm transiting in Munich. They started a lockdown today so only essential shops are open.

When I checked in for the next flight the lady said that there is some documents I need.

I said but I emailed the Embassy and they said I'm free without any requirements. She said that doesn't mean anything. At the end fortunately she said the Mainland is OK.

So let's see what happens. And the other question is are the hostels will be still open?

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