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I haven't written for a while

Hello Emi here. I hope you are all well.

I had limited access to internet at the last place at my 2nd Austrian host. It's been two weeks.

On my last day at the Tierschule First I decided to walk the dogs barefoot after inspired by the movie Earthing. These days is not always the best idea. The roads are not ready for that. Our feet were hurting at the end ;0.

I had a beautiful farewell in Ladendorf started with an exceptional sunset. And I could wish on a shooting star closing the day sitting outside enjoying with a drink.

I learned a lot about myself again. I might change my plan which was first to stay in Austria for a little bit until the first week of September. After that to travel to Switzerland. Stay there with one or two hosts. But since the borders are closing again it's hard to plan. I am thinking about creating kind of like a base in Hungary. Lets see how I feel in the next few days and how the Covid-19 changes things.

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