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Last day in Dublin


Emi's adventure here.

A little different but almost everything up and running in the city. I took a few shots with my phone but no time to edit:) An luckily the rain stopped after a day. Sun, Sun, Sun, Thank you universe!

Tomorrow morning I'm taking the train to Co. Mayo. We both my host and I are very excited.

I think we are going to be friends.

Today something came into my mind 5 years ago when my ex used to say I am a hippy I was so offended by it. Today I would laugh and say true;)

I didn't stop selling my stuff in my dreams last night. There were a printer huge and papers I wonder what that means:)). And 2 nights ago I was at the beach the beautiful turquoise sea at the Caribbean. I again wonder what that means?:)

Ok it's getting late. Meditation and sleep. I hope I will have time to update tomorrow...

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