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Life in the Ashram before the Holi festival

It was so busy before the 19th of March which was the day of Holi Festival.

The days starts with the Puja between 4.30. I already New this before I came here but didn't realised it will be so hard to get out of bed. Not even because the early hour but the cold inside and outside. After quickly back to bed for two hours. Than starts the class teachings about Krishna. At 9 I have the meditation. Followed by a little breakfast for me and feeding the animals.

I fast learned what to give to the animals so I took over the task. That's the highlight of the day.

#TheCalarAltoObservatory is an astronomical observatory located in Almería province in Spain on Calar Alto, a 2,168-meter-high mountain in the Sierra de Los Filabres range. Wikipedia

Province: Almería




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