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Magnificent Land

Hello, Emi here. I hope you are all well.

In the morning (of 2nd of May) I was just about to leave town when I met Thomas. I did not see any other pilgrims in town. We looked around and had a coffee. I've got the new shoes. Most of the shops were still closed. The Country slowly started to open up after the lockdown. I knew they weren't the perfect to walk but at least I can use them for a change.

We walked 22,5kms and agreed to stay at a popular Casa Fernanda. My book mentioned it and as well was recommended to us by the Albergue from Sao Pedro de Rates. We had an amazing dinner with Fernanda and her family. Our home for the night was a wonderful wooden bungalow. The dogs and cats were cute around the house. I wished I Could play with them all day.

In the evening I noticed that I left my phone charger at the last Albergue. Is this a message? I wondered.

In the same time I knew that I "need" to keep in touch with friends.

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