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One more day

As I am leaving the coast thinking I will walk one more day and that's it. The wind blew my head off my feet are still hurting.

At this moment I thought I never going to make it to Santiago to finish my journey.

Walking out of Vila do Conde by the river I admire the scenery.

I was hoping to find some useful equipment on the road. I heard that when the bag gets heavy people are living things behind. I was hoping for a tent. I didn't find a tent but instead I found a stick which made me look like a pilgrim.

I later stopped to have a little rest, water and a snack.

Two other mentionable funny event changed my mood for the better. First I fell in my shoelace stuck to my other shoe. My palm started to bleed. It was not too painful. I imagined Margit's face if she saw this act. I couldn't stop laughing. The next picture was when I watched Ermelinda Freitas Reserva eat and bleat in the same time (With my friends in Porto we call all the farm animals Ermelinda). I was cracking up. The farm owner saw me having fun and called in to see the piglets. At least fifty Ermelindas. They were adorable.

About 14.7km walking today and I arrived to Sao Pedro De Rates. Here the Hostel (Albergue) was open on a donation base (They are actually looking for Volunteers for a few month now). First time since on the third day I met a pilgrim. Thomas from Switzerland. We had a good chat with the hostel's managers. I thought from today I am on the right track I can do another day. It was nice to retire after a full day again.

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Yesterday I visited the YellowKorner Gallery Porto

-Beautiful Show.

"Committed to advocating for all movements of the photography world, YellowKorner is proud to present its new exhibition Pop Culture, opening up an expressive space for new creations from Pop culture. YellowKorner here presents works somewhere between photography and pictural art, all playing with classical codes and giving pride of place to the power of the imagination."

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