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The cutest Doggies

I'm still going six days a week to visit my friends. They are incredible characters. It's very exciting to watch how they enjoy their time out at the beach or on the flower bed. My first three dogs already left us. I'm very happy for them they are in families. There is a new favourite. She was very scared sitting in the corner. Ann who adopted the German Shepherd showed her to me. From the next day I visited her every time when I was there. I sat with her, pet her, gave her food and treat. Apparently she was born on the field and had no contact with human before. Also the kennel was too much stress for her. It took her about two weeks to come out of the corner to say hello to me in the morning. Today I gave her a red collar for the heart day.

She is so cute I couldn't be happier to see her feeling better. I have a secret plan to take her out this week which is not so secret I already told her. I'm hoping that the other mates will tell that is fun to go to the beach. Today one of the hunters Luna found a heart shape jellyfish.

In the afternoon after the hard work I am going to swim in the cold sea. I always say its good for the nervous system.

I suppose it could be my happiest time I do what I love all day. Until my housemate comes home sick and he doesn't care about me catching it.

Sometimes I think I wish that I only have to deal with dogs. They are never disappoint me. Unconditional love one of my mission in this lifetime.

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