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The Rock

Part 2

I was happy that I made the decision to go back to the Rock on my last day. It was a beautiful hot day. Even my face got burned a little bit. Although I missed St. Michael's cave I was happy to see the Monkeys. I always followed someone when there was a group of them. Of course I screamed a lot too. First I was scared I didn't know if they were wild or not. Some people were very brave or crazy to touch them and playing with them. Even though the staff later told us we better keep a distance because their bite can be very painful. (Next day I heard someone got bitten).

At the end of the day I saw a very powerful sunset. After I run back home just to realize that I bought the wrong keys with me. There I was after all the walking staying out for tapas watching the kids dressed up for Carnival. I would almost say it was a perfect day but I still had to pack.










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