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The Third Island

Hello, Emi here. I hope you are all well.

I'm saying the 3rd island because I have already lived on 2 Islands before. I have a feeling that I will stay a little bit here as well. This is my 10th day and I really like Gozo. I can't take enough photos of the little charming balconies.

The history of Gozo goes back to 5000 BC when a group from Sicily managed to cross on a small boat, colonizing the island of Gozo for first time (Neolithic 5000 - 4100 Bc) who probably lived in caves on n the outskirts of San Lawrenz village probably on Ghajn Abdul Plateau close to Il-Mixta, located in the northwest part. There is a large cave separated in two by a natural column and a wall made by man. The pottery sherds that were discovered in that area are older than other ceramics found in other parts of the Maltese Islands, which could mean that Gozo was discovered earlier than Malta.

I found a host on helpx. and I thought this is a safe place at the moment once I get in I will be fine. Because of previous experiences I was a little worried when I landed. People were waiting at the airport in blue coats like doctors. Similar situation as in Athens. Only this time it was a lot more confusion. The passengers were running out to the exit and pushing to pass the forms in the officers hands. They didn't even had time to say something or stop anyone. So this time it worked out better for me. Easy get in no questions no Covid test.

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