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Hello, Emi here. I hope you are all well.

Just an update from my first host family in Austria. I am less then an hour away from Vienna the village called Ladendorf with only about 2300 population. I arrived on Saturday almost a week ago.

This is the tierschule animal school. Manon and Markus lives in a big house with 2 dogs and 19 birds. Manon is a trainer for dogs and birds. But mainly working with birds as there are more trainers for dogs. More unique less competition. The dogs are allowed to come in the house they are very sweet. Last night they were sleeping in my room sometimes in my bed. The birds have 2 huge cages and a whole room in the attic.

On Saturday we went to another land where they have a pond. At this time with a beaver guest. Which is a little bit of a headache because these animals are protected and really hard to get rid of them. I think this weekend we are going back and have a plan for swimming which is a little scary although the beaver probably hiding when people are around.

This is a very easy going house no strict agenda. I wake up when I wake up. Usually start with a little tidy up in the house after breakfast. I do my work on the computer or go for a walk to the shop. Sometimes we cook together or sometimes I cook. When the guys are back we do things together. lilke checking the birds and training the dogs.

We already harvested the redcurrant and trying to make wine out of it.

Drying the redcurrant seeds. After the rain the slugs came out.

I am busy with planning my next destinations it's a little bit of research. Also I am in an experiment I will talk about it next week after my bday:)

Happy weekend!

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