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What is in my mind?
I want to be a travel Photographer, Sustainable living blog, Art, Healing retreats..

Hello, This is Emi I could say your Massage Therapist and Access Bars Practitioner:) but not this time. This time is different.

It is funny how I have a million Idea before I write and when it comes to put it on paper my mind goes blank. Maybe that's why I am a photographer not a writer?

Well I had a lot's of time to think during the pandemic. Is it good or bad? Time will tell...

Looking into my viewfinder I feel happy creating new images. It is healing. A passion, that is how I express myself without words. Translating the beauty with my mind's eye. Most of the time it is not even close but I guess I get better each day. 

As a result of this thinking I have made a decision  that after 11 years in Dublin (from Hungary) I need a change. I want to feel free have the feeling of trusting the universe enough to surrender. Go with the flow learn some new skills. I am interested in organic gardening, sustainable living, art projects and healing retreats. These is what I would like to explore in Ireland and in other countries and share my experiences with you. The plan is to sign up with HelpX and volunteer around for a few month.

And the reason why I am doing this  is because I am not 20 and I want to do it until I feel 20. And I would not like to regret that I didn't follow my dreams.

I am interested to learn about sustainable living, organic gardening, art projects and healing retreats. After a year or two I will choose a nice place and live inspired by the new Knowledge.  

PleaseTake some time to explore the blog, read something interesting, and feel free to reach out if you would like to collaborate on a project together.

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