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The Visit

Lisbon Cathedral, better known as Sé de Lisboa, is the oldest and most important church in the city. https://www.lisbon.net/lisbon-cathedral #lisbon #portugal

Wolf Moon

Hello, Emi here. I hope you are all well. Don't be surprised if you couldn't sleep last night. I was at first. The reason might be that today is full Wolf Moon. Time to think about your intentions again. #lisbon #policiamuncipal #restrictions #portugal

Street Art

The Best Works of Street Art in Lisbon · Alfama · Bairro Alto · Chiado · Graça · Belém · Algés · Avenidas Novas · Amoreiras. But many people in the city have a difficult time realizing the beauty of graffiti, and it is illegal in Portugal. ... The old Lisbon neighborhood of Barrio Alto is almost 100% covered with bombed, illegal graffiti, and many people in the city want to clean it up. #lisbon #portugal

The Diva

-Vhils’s latest public commission is a unique piece created in Portuguese traditional-style pavement that pays tribute to the late Fado diva Amália Rodrigues (1920-1999). Located in Lisbon’s city centre, the piece titled “Calçada” (pavement) is a collaboration with the city council’s team of paviours. Evoking Fado – the quintessential Portuguese urban music genre – and the city of Lisbon which Amália sung so well, it is also a tribute to the paviours themselves as the city’s

Jardim da Estrela

The Jardim da Estrela is a delightfully maintained park which is opposite the magnificent Basilica da Estrela that lies to the west of Lisbon. #lisbon #portugal


Hello, Emi here. I hope you are all well. First day of lockdown in Lisbon. The police is checking around the city. #lisbon #portugal


Tagus (Rio Tejo) The Tagus is the longest river in the Iberian Peninsula. The river rises in the Montes Universales in mid-eastern Spain, flows 1,007 km, generally west with two main south-westward sections, to empty into the Atlantic Ocean near Lisbon. #lisbon #portugal

Following other EU Countries

Hello, Emi here. I hope you are all well. So finally looks like Portugal will start a lockdown like one in March. No more escape. #lisbon #portugal

Dream house

Walking discovering places today. A little rain didn't stop me. #lisbon #Portugal


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