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Welcome to Emi's adventure, my very own passion project filled with unique and engaging content. Explore my site about my travel adventures; perhaps Emi's adventure will ignite your own passions as well.

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Happy Friday

I didn't get wet from the rain but fell in the sea. The cat was fine.


One day when everything will be open. #tinyrestaurant #outdoor #minimalist #albufeira #portugal

Less is more

Marina de Albufeira It is now ten years since the safest and most sheltered marina in the country opened its waters to boat owners, in...


These days I don't waste any food. I save the leftover for the birds. Don't laugh I sometimes feed the ants too. Of course outside. One...

Year of the Ox

Happy Chinese New Year! The Ox is the second of all zodiac animals. According to one myth, the Jade Emperor said the order would be...


Air: our thoughts Fire: our passion Water: our emotions Earth: ourselves #albufeira #portugal


We wouldn't see a lot of tourist these days. But I found a Family. #tourist #albufeira #portugal


Albufeira is resting these days. Albufeira is a coastal city in the southern Algarve region of Portugal. It’s a former fishing village...

See you Soon

Leaving Lagos for a week. Not too far just to Albufeira. #lagos #portugal

Today 22km Walk

Hello, Emi here. I hope you are all well. I heard about a Hippie Village called Barao de Sao Joao. This time it was very quiet. I didn't...

Yesterday Walk PraiadaLuz

This beach is situated in a very cosmopolitan summer holiday resort that used to be a major fishing town, especially from the 13th to the...

Learning more about the Trails

Hello, Emi here. I hope you are all well. Get Ready for the New Moon with Your Intentions. There are so many beaches in Lagos. I had to...


Here we were hiding from the rain. The Tiger cat and I. Surrounded by tall cliffs, the charming Porto de Mós Beach rolls out like a long...


Together waiting for the rain to stop. #catboddy #lagos #portugal

Nature Therapy

#afterrain #lagos #portugal Happiness is when I am one with nature -Until someone jumped me 🙄 always walk with a stick!

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