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Hello, Emi here. I hope you are all well.

Today I finished my Gozo experience. For those who haven't read the story yet I was there through Helpx. (HelpX, short for "Help Exchange", is a barter platform in which people offer or receive homestays, including lodging and food, in exchange for performing agreed-upon tasks for a few hours each day.) Types of work include gardening, animal welfare, cooking, and farming, among others.

This host family owns a small field where they grow fruits and vegetables. Good experience for gardening. Mainly that's where we worked in the past two and a half Month. They live in a big house and have four holiday apartment which we had to keep clean. Also we did everyday chores around the house and cooking together.

In my free time I took long walks and stayed at the beaches.

I enjoyed my time there only the past two weeks was a little bit stressful because the host kind of ran out of tasks. Usually always busy with tourists. But the pandemic lockdowns make it very hard on small business owners. I thought it's time for me to continue my travel.

First day in Malta. started very adventures since I went to a hostel which I had to change. After I had some time to look around at the area. No new image ready yet.

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