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Happy 2022!

Updated: Feb 11, 2022

Hello, Emi here. I hope you all are well and had a beautiful holiday.

2021 is over and I am greatful for everything I had learnt about myself and from my pilgrimage. I would not change it even though it took me up and down like a roller-coaster.

I met some nice people along the way in hostels and on the Camino.

I was disappointed many times and I realized how to deal with it. Most importantly let go of attachments.

I have a deep connection with Sri Ramana and Ram Dass through their amazing stories.

It became clear by now that as soon as Covid let me I will visit India.

I am looking forward to 2022 with hope that finally I find a place to settle down.

Enjoy some photo from the last few Month.

Best wishes for 2022!

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Happy 2022

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