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Miserable and Mystical April

Hello, Emi here. I hope you are full of energy after the Easter holidays.

Of course I'm writing this post on a rainy day. We are struggling with the weather this month. Although it's beneficial for the garden. When it's raining the water dripping in the kitchen and the temple which is not pleasant at all. Especially when it's cold. Most of the time I am not motivated to wake up at the painful 4.00am.

If I was writing on a sunny day I would say delightful April or spring is here.

There is no doubt about that this year's Easter Sunday I will never forget.

It happened to be the Easter Sunday when we celebrated the Ashram's Guru's one year anniversary when he left Mother Earth. For this event the new Guru Prema Rajendra planned a 24 hrs chanting in the Temple as they did it last year. I did not know what to expect. I started at 2.00 am after about 3 hours sleep. The first hour went well than I got tired but as soon as I concentrated on the singing I got over it and went all the way to 4 am without problem. Around 4.45 am we started the Puja. Puja is a worship what Hindus and Buddhists are practicing every day usually three hours before sunrise. Around 5.30 I went to sleep again. At 8.50 am I woke up to do my Transcendental Meditation (TM). By 9.30 am I was up in the temple to do another round of chanting. By this day I already having a constant itching of my 3rd eye which I started two weeks before. Also every day a different sign that my body is going through a big spring cleansing mainly skin issues. I was going to sit to change over with Swami Rajendra. He asked me if I had fed the animals yet. I didn't so I had a 15 min quick run to chek my friends just to give them enough to survive until I finish my round. So from about 10 am I sang until 12.30pm. It seemed easier with every Hare Krishna. Some visitor came and set with me and left until I was out again. I checked the animals and I realized that the donkey was out of the fence. She is a constant escaper and after she puts on the innocent face.

We had a beautiful lunch and two delicious desserts. Around five in Temple started a fire ceremony.

Then an unexpected thing happened Rajendra Das took around the land the previous guru's footprints. We also visited the animals. I thought that was so sweet and funny.

After a little rest we began the last three hours of chanting. I almost had to give up but I just couldn't at this point. I was happy to go to bed.

The next day I skipped the early Puja. Just about in time I woke up to do my meditation. I would stay it was a very intense day.

A news had reached me that the house cat had delivered one kitten. I was very happy because the baby looked exactly like herself. Unfortunately it was soon over because she rejected the kitten on the next day.

Some days were so summery that I went for a dip in the neighbors water tank. Until I saw that it was dried out. Luckily it's back again.



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