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Updated: Jul 7, 2020

Hello This is Emi here,

I honestly believe that we are exactly where we should be. Which is Tir Na Nog in my case.

It's been only three days that Claire my host is teaching me but I've learned so much. Everything is new. Even though I had seen somethings when I was a kid ecosystem is totally different.

I have a quote from the book I am reading.

"Almost all our needs are brought to us from far away and most of us travel to another place to work. We are part of an economy which is national, or global, in scale. One consequence of this is excessive energy use and pollution, as huge quantities of fossil fuels are used to shift people and things from one place to another. Another is the problem of remoteness. We become separated from the consequences of our actions, and dependent on forces way beyond our control.

When we buy something in a supermarket it is hard to know what went into producing it. The production process may involve ecological damage, ill health of the workers who make it, or cruelty to animals. By buying the product we are playing a part in the process, usually without even knowing it. When things are produced locally, by people we know, it is easy to find out how they are produced and to talk to the producer if we would like them to do differently."

-Permaculture in a Nutshell-Patrick Whitefield

Sad. The good news is that there is always a solution.

We can support the local gardens. I have already decided. I will always try to buy from organic gardens.

Still a lot to write about but it's getting late. Here we go to sleep with the chickens ;))

So I will write tomorrow and I have some photos to edit.

This one is taken by mobile and edited with lightroom and photoshop.

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