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String Theory

Hello Emi here. I hope you are all keeping well.

Where is exactly here? From the 27th of July it is in Vienna. After some difficulties with my chargers... Sometimes I guess I only have to go with the flow. Even if I have a plan to write it's not always happening. First night was such a nostalgic back to Austria. I don't even remember for the last time I was here in Vienna. Maybe 20 years? It's totally different here from Dublin. Sitting outside having a drink in a hot summer breeze. But I will tell you about these days. First I'm going to go back to the weekend.

I was trying to find a title for the retreat and came across with String theory and I see the images when I put it in google. It is mind blowing how I had a meditation with plant back in Dublin a few weeks ago and I had the same visions. I strongly believe that I always have to follow my intuition and it will take me exactly where I need to be at the given time.

Everything is perfectly planned in the universe it's just sometimes hard to read the signs.

That's what happened with me when I signed up to the cleansing retreat. I knew I had to go. I checked online what kambo circle was and I booked it right away. Frog power.

"Kambo ceremony is a purge using skin secretions of the kambô, a species of frog. The effects on humans usually include nausea, vomiting and diarrhoea. Kambo, which originated as a folk medicine practice among indigenous peoples of the Amazon, is also administered as an alternative medicine treatment in the West, often as a pseudoscientific cleanse or detox. The ceremony involves burning an arm or leg and applying the kambo secretion directly to the burn. Proponents claim that kambo helps with a number of illnesses or injuries."

We were in the forest I felt back in the jungle again. To connect with nature for me always feels magical. My personal experience during the process was that after the first 3 points we almost thought that I have to get some more because It will not be enough. But just when we were about to start the 2nd round I felt the heat in my head and my heart beat got faster.

Purging started and I had to go to the toilet.

I noticed the cleansing all day through.

In the evening breath work came for about 1.5 hours. Beautiful experience an insight of what's coming in our way in the next day.

On Saturday we had a talk to get ready for the evening.

At the evening was my first breath work with plant.

This I am not going to go in detail with but just saying it was an amazing experience. At the beginning I was another structure in a different dimension at least suppose that's why I can't compare the feeling with anything in this life. I felt like I am composing the music during the session:))) At the end I couldn't help it I had to dance.

I had another new experience with tobacco.

Nicotine may be a widely abused substance in our modern world, but to many indigenous cultures of the Americas, tobacco is a sacred plant known to cleanse both individuals and ceremonial spaces. That’s the case for rapé (pronounced “ha-peh”), a powerful, cleansing snuff used by shamans in Brazil and Peru as part of important medicinal rituals.

Rapé can help you in the following ways:

Helps focus and sharpen the mind.

Clears a person or space of distracting, bad energies in preparation for intention setting.

Detoxes both body and mind and clears your energetic field. Because of this, rapé is often used in conjunction with ayahuasca ceremonies.

Clears sinuses of mucus and bacteria, thereby helping to combat colds and respiratory ailments.

Provides a calming, grounding effect on the emotions that lasts much longer that the initial sensation.

Can be used in conjunction with other treatments for addiction and mental illness.

Wow! all I can say this weekend was exciting and incredible. I am so grateful to all of the facilitators and helpers. A group of wonderful people as well I couldn't wish for better. I hope to see you soon;)

If someone is interested to get into this circle please drop me a pm and I will give you the info.

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