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The challenging last week

Hello, Emi here.

I hope you are all well.

Last week was a challenging one since I had a bladder infection. I never experienced this before. If you did you must know how painful that is. I didn't really know what to do I almost panicked. Luckily on Saturday I've got a good solution from the pharmacist. But the best advises I got from my friends. Which is to wash out the system with chamomile tea and the most effective way is if one drinks 3 litres of tea in one hour. Well I drank 1.5 litres in half hour. And the next day I continued with cranberry juice and water. I couldn't go far from the bathroom. I woke up a lot for sure.

However I am 100% well now. Only telling you this to be ready if it happens to you for the first time. Sometimes we forget important things and take everything for granted. Less beer more water!

Some of you were asking about what am I doing here in Gozo. Next time I will write about it. Yes lately I am only uploading images.

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