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The Trip to Co. Mayo and first day


Emi's Adventure here

It was very strange at the train station to see people travelling after 4 month. The train station was busy. I took my seat early so my bag and my sleeping bag had a separate seat. Thanks to the new arrangements. We need to keep distance..The trip was quick and I didn't miss my stop:) I met my host Claire she was very nice.

Unfortunately the weather wasn't very sunny. I had a little look around in the garden a walk before the rain. I was lazy to figure out my hot spot on the phone yesterday. It turned out to be easy.

I started to read a book called Permaculture in a nutshell. I think I will have to read it more then once there are a lots of new information in it. Claire is using these principles in her garden.

Today we started the work around the cottage. The project is to build a drainage around the building to keep it dry. After we harvested a lots of different berries. Then I fed the chickens with weed.

There are dogs:), cats, chickens and ducks around here.

I will take some photos but today again getting rainy and windy in the evening.

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