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Puppy life

On the 26th of May 7 puppies and their mother had arrived to next door. One will be the next Ashram puppy. Summertime means a lots of work in the garden. Especially when we are short of people. The plants are growing and they need water after every hot day. Also the animals are a full time job. There is always something to do with them plus the everyday chores. It was a surprise that we had visited two beautiful sites in the National park in Almeria. It was beautiful I enjoy

Oranges from a fairy tale farm

We were lucky enough to collect a van of oranges before the never ending rainfall. (It ended 3 days later.) The farm is beautiful and it's on sale now. #nearalmeriafarmonsale #fairytale #colors #gettingready #gururajendra #cuteness #casadelashadas #insidethehouse #colors #almostloosingmysunglasses #medicinaSP #friendblanco #withtheartistIsabella #forme #forme #orangeeverywhere #moreorange

I haven't written for a while

Hello Emi here. I hope you are all well. I had limited access to internet at the last place at my 2nd Austrian host. It's been two weeks. On my last day at the Tierschule First I decided to walk the dogs barefoot after inspired by the movie Earthing. These days is not always the best idea. The roads are not ready for that. Our feet were hurting at the end ;0. I had a beautiful farewell in Ladendorf started with an exceptional sunset. And I could wish on a shooting star closin


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